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Journeys and Intrigues               137

Auguste too; he applied to me, but I knew no more
than he.

I wrote to Mademoiselle Cladel, and she read
my letter to Rodin, but he didn't answer at once.
When at last a letter came, on October 3rd, I was
able to set about putting things straight at Meudon
and the Hotel Biron. It was no small task ! The
old proverb, " When the cat's away, the mice will
play," was fulfilled. At Meudon especially the
moulders and the servants were at loggerheads.
And at the Hotel Biron a relative of Madame
Rodin had installed herself and was taking in
soldiers as lodgers ; her husband was with the
colours, and she would not leave.

Auguste, having no news of his father and being
without a penny, took work in a factory, but on my
persuasion went back to his engraving.

On November 3Oth Rodin came back. He had
left London as he had left Paris, without a word to
anyone. On receiving a telegram from him I went
to the H6tel Terminus and found him sitting in his
underclothes. He was alone, and looked as if he